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Pressure Relief Valves
Curtiss-Wright’s selection of Pressure Relief Valves comes from its outstanding product brands Farris, and Target Rock. We endeavour to support the whole life cycle of a facility, and continuously provide custom products and technologies. Boasting a reputation for producing high quality, durable products, our collection of their pressure relief valves are guaranteed to give your equipment and machinery effective relief from pressure when needed.

A pressure relief valve, an umbrella term which includes safety valves and expansion relief valves, is designed to do exactly that: relieve pressure on a system. Pressure reducing valves use spring-loaded mechanisms to control and relieve any excess pressure, and prevent any more fluid passing through until normal pressure conditions have been restored. Depending on the model, control can be provided to both dynamic and static flow conditions.

While some basic components and activations in relieving pressure may differ between the specific types of relief valves, each aims to be 100% effective in keeping your equipment running safely. Our current range includes all forms of valve, from flanged to spring loaded, threaded to wireless, pilot operated, and much more.