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Using the power of iPRSM technology and our Farris Engineering Services team, correctly design your pressure relief system to respond to every overpressure scenario


Equip your plant with Farris’ full line of spring loaded and pilot operated PRV hardware, knowing your plant is protected by 70 years of manufacturing experience


Monitor your pressure relief valves with the Smart PRV and leverage the technology of proven leaders, Farris and Emerson.


Localized aftermarket service and repair assistance through the Farris Authorized Service Team – or “FAST” centers


Our Farris Engineering Services Team and iPRSM technology will keep your pressure relief systems audited and in compliance.

About Us

Welcome to Total Valve Systems where we are now celebrating over 30 years of history and strong growth in servicing customers around the globe. Our corporate headquarters located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is a 70,000 sq. ft. plant facility based upon 10 acres. We’ve expanded locations to cover Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. To accommodate growth in international markets and support our products and services, offices have been established in Shanghai, China, Jordan, India, Singapore, and The Middle East.